Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Favorite Old Testament Joke

Little Johnny came home from Sunday School.

His mother asked, “What did you learn about in Sunday School today?”

“We learned about the Exodus from Egypt,” Johnny replied.

“What did the teacher tell you about it?” Johnny’s mother inquired.

“Well,” Johnny said, “she said that Moses led the people out to the sea and they got trapped between the water and the Egyptian army. So, Moses got on his radio and called in the Seabees who built a pontoon bridge. Then the people crossed over on the bridge. But the enemy tried to follow so Moses got back on his radio and called in the air force who bombed the bridge and killed the Egyptians.” Johnny was out of breath.

“Now, Johnny,” his exasperated mother said, “You know good and well that’s not what your teacher told you.”

“No,” Johnny admitted, but if I told you what she told me, there’s no way you’d believe it!"

Just a little reminder about the marvelous audacity of this faith we claim and of this God we serve.

Now, about that resurrection thing that’s going to come up next week….

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