Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Prayer for Those Who Grieve

Because several of our church families are dealing with the recent or impending deaths of loved ones, at our prayer service last night we had a special time of prayer for those who grieve. Here is a prayer that I wrote for the service. After I read each section of the prayer, we prayed silently for a few moments.

Loving God, we gratefully acknowledge that you are the source of all life. We thank you for the lives we live and for the loves we share.

(Silent Prayers)

Bless now those in our family of faith who have recently experienced the passing of their loved ones into your eternal presence. May they grieve with hope, knowing that their lives and the lives of their loved one are in your hands. May they know your strength and your peace.

(Silent Prayers)

Bless now those who are faced with the possibility and even the probability that their loved one will soon pass from this life and into your eternal presence. May they be filled with appreciation for the life that has been lived and with courage for the journey that is ahead. May they find meaning in the holy moments of last days.

(Silent Prayers)


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