Sunday, December 30, 2007

My BCS Predictions

There are too many college football bowl games. If they are going to have this many bowl games, then they ought to go ahead and have enough for every Division I Bowl Subdivision (abbreviated Division I FBS) school to play in a bowl game.

I haven’t watched too many minutes of too many games so far. Happily, though, we are almost through the preliminary bowl games (Emerald, Alamo, Texas, New Orleans, for example) and about to get to the ones that matter.

I confess that I am one of those people who spend the first day of the New Year watching way too much football. It’s a lot of fun.

Another complaint I have is that the bowl season now extends past January 1. I fondly remember having a pretty good idea when I went to bed late on January 1 who the national champion was going to be. This year, we have to wait until January 7.

All of that having been said, I want to offer two scores for each Bowl Championship Series game. In each case, the first score will be the score that I want to see and the second will be the score that I think will in fact result.

Rose Bowl

My hoped-for score: Illinois 35, USC 34
My predicted score: USC 41, Illinois 21

Sugar Bowl

My hoped-for score: Georgia 41, Hawaii 0
My predicted score: Georgia 48, Hawaii 24

Fiesta Bowl

My hoped-for score: West Virginia 45, Oklahoma 28
My predicted score: Oklahoma 35, West Virginia 28

Orange Bowl

My hoped-for score: Kansas 28, Virginia Tech 24
My predicted score: Virginia Tech 34, Kansas 14

BCS Championship

My hoped-for score: LSU 50, Ohio State 3
My predicted score: LSU 45, Ohio State 10

I also hope and predict that the SEC will go 9-0 in bowl games this year.

We’ll see!

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