Friday, February 22, 2008

Where Credit Is Due

While I am responsible for the contents of yesterday's post (The Awful Truth), I want to give credit to my friend and colleague Philip Meade, whose post on Tom Schreiner and Tony Campolo set me to thinking in that direction and added fuel to a fire that was already burning.

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The Beast said...


Thanks for the acknowledgment, although certainly not necessary. I will be writing a post today on the "open and closed doors" mentality in relation to God's will for our lives. I would covet your thoughts if you have time.

Your comments concerning the commentaries, the NAC in particular, were especially interesting to me. You might find it interesting to know that Southern professors recommend the NAC without reservation for pastors and lay people, but do not use them in the classroom as a general rule. I have found Blomberg's Matthew commentary, Stein's Luke commentary, and Schreiner's 1st & 2nd Peter commentary in the NAC to be solid. And one of the most cherished parts of my library is the BBC given to me by my father, which was given to him by his pastor and mentor.