Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Learn Cents"

Julia Sellers has an article in today's Augusta Chronicle entitled "First Graders Give School Tips to New Kindergartners." First graders at Belvedere and Byrd elementary schools in Aiken County, SC (just across the Savannah River from Augusta) were asked to give advice to the new kids. It seems to me that their advice applies to most people in most situations and in most stages of life.

"Know your plus and minus signs and get ready for coloring. Don't scribble because if you mess up they don't give you more paper." -- DANIEL SIMDONDS, 6

"Learn cents." -- EMILY SHREVE, 6

"Need to be nice to friends and play nicely." -- SHANE MCGAHEE, 6

"Be nice to make friends." -- BRADY NUGENT, 6

"Keep up with your bookbag." -- HEATHER SHULER, 6

"Pay attention to the teachers so you know what to do." -- CHRISTIAN O'NEAL, 6

"If you know the language then you can do (the work.)" -- KYLEA MORRIS, 6

"Don't run and push people or punch people." -- JIMMY HENRY, 6

"Learn math so you can go to second grade." -- VINCENT DOUGLAS, 6

"Do homework or you'll fail." -- KACY SWEARINGEN, 7

"They need to be healthy and drink water because it is hot." -- GRAYSON JOHNSTON, 6

"Learn words if you want to read to somebody." -- CHEYENNE BLACKWELDER, 6

"Do your work because you have to be smart." -- BRYANA JEFFERSON, 6

"You shouldn't do bad stuff like knock over chairs." -- ZOIE WEATHERFORD, 6

"Don't throw blocks." -- MADDIE DOUGLAS, 6

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