Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten Things for Which I am NOT Thankful This Year

1. That the nature of the political discourse in our nation is so negative and counter-productive.

2. That the Super Committee exists at all and that, since it does exist, that it proved incapable of accomplishing anything.

3. That "celebrity" has become an occupation.

4. That so many public servants serve narrow interest groups rather than the public.

5. That so many Christian leaders are so obsessed with tradition that they can't deal with modernity or are so obsessed with modernity that they can't honor tradition.

6. That so many Christians follow the dictates of the commercial Christmas calendar with more enthusiasm than they follow the proddings of the Church's Advent and Christmas calendar.

7. That our national politicians are proving in negative ways why their respective parties are represented by a donkey and an elephant.

8. That our commercialized culture doesn't want us to enjoy one holiday at a time and that we let it push us around.

9. That cancer has stricken so many of the children and youth in our community.

10. Brussels Sprouts.

1 comment:

Randy said...

2--proves that "super" is overused.
3--I take that personally. See my agent.
4--It's all about the money.
5--That's the way we/they've always/will do it.
6--Bah. Humbug.
7--Bray. Snort.
8--Valentine's Day, now on sale.
10--I thought it was "brussel", then I looked it up. Oh well.