Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sub-Christian Church?

Jesus said that we fulfill the greatest commandment when we love God with all we are and we fulfill the second greatest one when we love our neighbor as ourself.

Does a church that does not focus the vast majority of its energy, resources, time, efforts, and "programming" on fostering those two realities in our lives deserve to be described as "Christian"?

And if we are not about those two main things, what are we about?

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Frances said...

If we love God with all we are and focus everything we do, say and think on Him, will not loving our "neighbor" as ourselves follow naturally? Maybe our churches need to focus on God and His plan of seeking a personal relationship with every person first and loving the world will be apparent through our ministries and all we do personally and collectively will bring honor to Him and further His plan. In my own life, if my relationship with God is trued (straight), loving my "neighbor" seems to come naturally.