Monday, October 15, 2007

How to Get Rid of Your Pastor

Yesterday a worshipper at our church handed me a page from a devotional magazine (I think she said Our Daily Bread but the name is not printed on the page so I'm not sure) that contained the following. It's good advice for all you folks out there who would like to get rid of your pastor.

A Christian leader told about some church members who came to him for advice. They wanted to know of a way to get rid of their pastor. Sensing that they were not being fair, he gave them these suggestions:

1. Look your pastor straight in the eye while he is preaching and say “Amen!” once in a while. He’ll preach himself to death.

2. Pat him on the back and tell him his good points. He’ll work himself to death.

3. Rededicate your life to Christ and ask your minister for a job to do. He’ll die of heart failure.

4. Get the church to pray for him. Soon he’ll become so effective that a larger church will take him off your hands.

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