Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10 Election Day Observations

1. I miss Tim Russert.

2. All indications are that this year's turnout will set a record. That's good; there's no excuse for the vast majority of eligible Americans not voting in a presidential election.

3. Every individual and business and group who contributed money to political campaigns this year ought now to contribute at least the same amount of money to a charity of their choice.

4. A Christian ought not pray "Thy will be done" regarding the election and then get all upset if the outcome is not what he or she wants it to be.

5. Both presidential candidates have amazing and moving life stories that, if we will get past partisanship, will inspire us all.

6. Christians who choose to believe lies about candidates even after they have been proven to be lies should repent; Christians who continue to spread lies about candidates after they have been proven to be lies should be especially ashamed of themselves.

7. Fear is ugly; hope is beautiful.

8. In today's Snuffy Smith cartoon, Lukey asked Snuffy for whom he was going to vote to which Snuffy replied, "Nobody. I figger ennyone who wants that job is too crazy to have it!"

9. Christians should keep reminding themselves that Christ's kingdom is not of this world but that we are called to be salt and light in this world; living in that tension is one of the greatest challenges of modern Christian life.

10. I still miss Tim Russert.


Anonymous said...

From a Republican to a Democrat... good one!

We all need to support whoever wins!

A. L. said...

no one said we will always like God's will as we do not always understand nor see it as it is meant to be. There is abigger picture here. We know the end of times is soon upon us and now we have been granted just the "leader" to solidify our destruction.