Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Friday Ramblings

Getting a house ready to sell continues to be a pain.


Last Friday night, Summers Field in my hometown of Barnesville, Georgia hosted its last football game. The Lamar County Trojans will begin play in a new stadium next season. Summers Field was for many years the home of the Gordon Military High School and Gordon Military College Bulldogs. When I was a boy I would attend the high school games on Friday nights and the college games on Saturday nights. After Gordon Military High went away and after Gordon Military College became Gordon Junior College and after Lamar County High School, my alma mater, was established, I attended many of the Trojans' games. I have many fond memories of the old stadium. I don't know but I assume that it will disappear under the onslaught of Gordon College's building projects.


Speaking of football, the Georgia Bulldogs fell out of national title contention last Saturday when they were destroyed by the hated Florida Gators. Honesty compels one to observe that the Dawgs have played exactly two premier opponents this season, Alabama and Florida, and have been beaten badly by both. Now UGA goes on the road to play the Kentucky Wildcats. Barring a post-Florida letdown, the Dawgs should win handily. Here's hoping.


I'm glad the Presidential election is over. I'm praying for President-elect Obama. It may be true, as some commentators are saying, that not since FDR has a new President assumed office at such a challenging time.


I got all the way through college, seminary, and graduate school without taking up coffee. Indeed, I was 30 when I finally started drinking it. I must admit that I have more than caught up over the last 20 years.


Cleaning out my office in preparation for our upcoming move has been quite an adventure. I came to the very reasonable conclusion that the things that have remained in their boxes through our past two moves really should be thrown away since it has been proven that I don't need them.


The last three houses in which we have lived all had a paneled room that Debra painted. The house that we are purchasing in Fitzgerald does not have any paneled rooms. That's good--one less thing.


Sunday, the next "little Easter," is coming. For us Christians, it all comes down to resurrection, doesn't it?

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Randy said...

My earliest memory of Summers Field is when I played football in grade school. Robert Tenney (remember him?) was the coach. He complained if our uniforms were clean that we weren't playing hard enough. I made sure that in the course of playing I rolled around on the turf enough so that I looked like I played hard.

How tough can it be to get dirty when you're eleven years old?