Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pray for Sara Ruffin

Regular readers of On the Jericho Road know that I usually post a new article every day of the week except for Saturday. You will also know that a few days ago I had announced a schedule for future posts concerning Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion. I did not post on Tuesday as I had planned to do.

The reason for that is that our daughter is in the hospital. Sara, who is a twenty-year old Mercer University student, drove from our home in Augusta to Rome, GA, on Sunday for a visit with her boyfriend Jared, who is also a Mercer student. Her leg began to swell shortly after her arrival and by Monday night it was quite swollen and painful. Jared and his mother took Sara to the hospital and she was admitted.

Sara has an extensive blood clot in her left leg; it extends from her ankle to the top of her leg. A procedure was done on Tuesday evening that involves inserting a catheter into the leg and slowly administering a "clot-busting" drug. She has to remain in ICU for monitoring purposes. We received good news this morning; the clot has diminished by 30%. She will remain on the medicine and in ICU until at least Thursday morning. Her spirits are good and she has been quite a trooper, especially given that this is her first experience with a serious health issue.

Debra and I are with her at the Redmond Regional Medical Center in Rome. We are very pleased with the care she is receiving. If all goes well, we hope to be back in Augusta by the end of the week.

My next new posts will be on Friday, June 22. In one post I will give an update on Sara. In the other I will have something to say about the upcoming Celebration of the New Baptist Covenant in Atlanta.

Thank you for praying for Sara.


The Beast said...

We will pray for Sara in youth group tonight. Please tell her I said hello.

Dr. Bruce Prescott said...


Sorry to hear of Sara's illness.

I'm praying for Sara to have a full and speedy recovery.

Mike Ruffin said...

Philip and Bruce, thank you for your prayers. Blessings to you both!