Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ten Things You Don’t Know About Fathers

(Sabbath Blog #22)

I was recently invited by the Metro Augusta Parent, a monthly publication here in our city, to create a list of “ten things you don’t know about fathers.” The list, along with a very nice photograph of Joshua, Sara, and me (we actually had a “photo shoot”—I’m thinking of going into modeling as a side career) appeared in the June 2007 issue. Here is my list.

1. A father doesn’t need to be told that he is appreciated. He doesn’t mind it, either.

2. A father likes to hug and to be hugged by his children, no matter how old they (the father or the children) are.

3. A father hopes that his children view his vocation as harmful to no one and helpful to at least some.

4. A father is most proud of his children when they do something that makes him proud but they don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

5. A father wants his child to have a better life than he has, but what he really wants is for his child to be a better person than he is.

6. A father has at least one thing that he wishes he had tried but never did and that’s why he keeps telling his children to take a chance and follow their dreams. Me, I wish I had tried being a rock and roll singer. I would have failed, but I wish I had tried. Trying and failing is better than not trying.

7. A father appreciates the mother of his children more than she could possibly imagine.

8. A father wants his children to be healthy and happy but he also wants them to have the faith and strength of character to move closer to God and not away from him when their health or happiness are at risk.

9. A father would wish for more than one life to live if he knew that he could give them all up for his family.

10. A father knows everything. If you find something that he doesn’t know, he knew that he didn’t know it and he knew that you would figure it out.

Happy Father’s Day!

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