Friday, June 19, 2009

Least "Brainiest" Team in Major League Baseball

According to an analysis published by the Wall Street Journal, the Atlanta Braves, of whom I have been a diehard fan since they moved to Atlanta in 1966, are the least brainiest team in baseball. There may not be much correlation between brains and baseball success, though, since three of the "brainiest" teams (Oakland, Arizona, and Washington) are in last place. Interestingly, only 26 current major leaguers, including managers, have college degrees. Of course, most major league players were drafted either after their senior year in high school or during their college career.

It's still somewhat troubling to this fan that the Braves not only landed in last place on the "brainy" list but did so by a wide margin.

Maybe this explains why it seems that the players don't pay attention very well--at least, if the coaches are coaching, the Braves' players sure aren't listening.

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Randy said...

Kinda like the North Georgia preacher, who, at the Annual Meeting, after hearing a seminary professor speak on the benefits of education, closed with prayer saying "O Lord, I thank Thee that I am stupid. Please make me stupider." I think he's one of the Braves coaches now.